a photo collection that depicts my sense of style. . .
w/ tidbits of my thoughts & opinion. here & there.
what i would and would not wear. what i wish for.
'art' that speaks. a collage of fashion happiness.
quotes that i say. some method to my madness.
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i love all things fashion. my iPhone. platforms. randomness. shades. jean jackets. "bf" pieces.
cocktail rings and colorful things. lipstick. stylish celebrities. cookbooks and clutches. oxfords.
cardigans. photo frames. neckties. vintage anything and interior design. the sims. croutons.
music of all kinds. shoes and more shoes. blazers and jackets. esp paired with shorts. rings.
collages. argyle print. scarves. dvr capabilities. creativity. built-in bookcases and tattoos.
tank tops. sleeve and pant leg cuffs. technology. drinking water. cooking. true love and me.
smiling. feta cheese. shopping. compliments from strangers. lipstick. oversized totes. stones.
reality tv. nick wooster. nail polish and walk-in closets. magazines. ankle straps. decor. candy.
thank u notes and stationery. electronics. teal. cologne and bang bang shrimp from bonefish grill.
dreams and goals. rice. military coats. csi: miami. eye glasses and oversized wine glasses. writing.
forensics. my ipod touch. beards. wine. frank ocean and brainstorming. smiling and being stylish.

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